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C&S Solutions, your certified repair specialist, on repairs for locators & camera systems, FREE UNBIASED RECOMMENDATIONS, based on your needs.

Update: C and S Solutions now offers Underground Utility Locator Certification! Click here to learn more.

8 reasons you should ship your equipment to C &S Solutions, inc. to

be repaired:

  1. Fast turn around
  2. Very cost effective (cost per hour cheaper than manufacturers)
  3. 90 day warranty on all repairs
  4. Factory authorized repair technicians
  5. Will ship boxes for repair if needed
  6. We are available 24/7, we answer our phones
  7. Loaner if equipment was sold to you from C &S Solutions, inc.
  8. Faxed or e-mail repair quote to you before we work on equipment
  9. We are Ridgid Certified, Radio Detection Certified, Pear Point Certified & Certified on ALL Camera Systems!

Need a Repair?

Call Our Office At:


Send Repairs to:

C & S Solutions Repair Center

10620 New Haven Road

Harrison, Ohio 45030

<-- Please include the Service Request Form

C&S Solutions repairs all equipment we sell plus other manufacturers. Please call for details.

Need a Repair?

Call Our Office At:

Office: 513-922-7444

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Manufacturers We Repair

  • All Radiodetection equipment (including RD7000, RD8000, RD7100, RD8100, and PCM Receivers)
  • Pipeline current mapper, smart interrupters, metal detectors, clamps)
  • Radiodetection gat or cam camera systems
  • All pearpoint camera systems (including push & crawler camera systems)
  • Metal detectors
  • Gen-eye camera systems
  • Ridgid Camera Systems, Ridgid seesnake, Ridgid Inspection Camera
  • All other manufacturers of push cameras

To better serve, you our, customer C&S Solutions now offers service & nationwide repair on all Vivax, Radiodetection, Pearpoint Crawler Systems, & General Wire Products.


Among these products are the popular fully-featured GatorCam4 Controller with high performance durable cameras and a full range of rods and accessories along with the vCamDigital which allows the recording of MPEG4 video images using an internal MPEG4 recorder, and provides keyboard and titler and sound system to add up to 16pages of text, and an audio commentary.

Please contact us for additional information on our new repair and service plans.


C&S Solutions, Inc. is service and solutions at work. We offer numerous products, solutions, training, inspection, and other services in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and Indiana. We are a diversified distributor focused on meeting your equipment needs and exceeding your expectations. Thank you for considering our company and the manufactures we distribute for.

C&S Solutions, Inc. Promise to our Customers

  1. To provide comprehensive on site training at no additional cost.
  2. To provide free comprehensive on site training once a year.
  3. To provide business cards to all technicians, so they may call C&S Solutions 24/7 if they have any problems or questions.
  4. To provide follow up calls every 4 to 5 months after the sale.
  5. To provide a free loaner if equipment goes in for service.
  6. To provide a free 3 year warranty (Radiodetection).