Metal Detectors


The RD312 locates lost or hidden metal covers in the street. It is light and simple to use. Gain can be manual or auto. The position is indicated by a varying pitch tone, the highest pitch indicating the maximum response over the target. It is robustly constructed from high impact ABS and aluminium and is weatherproof to IP54. It weighs 1kg weight and is easy to use, swiftly locating lost manhole covers, valve boxes, in the street. The RD312 will typically run for 30 hours from a 9v alkaline battery.


Rycom Instruments makes utility locating as accurate as you need and as simple as you want.

The Magnastick MS-1 and MS-1M detects ferromagnetic objects by sensing their magnetic fields.

The Magnastick comes in two model types. The MS-1M offers an audio response and an LCD screen indicating polarity and signal strength through the audio response when in range of ferrous (iron) materials. These devices are not affected by non-ferrous materials such as brass, aluminum, or copper. A passive 50/60 Hz filter allows use when near live lines.

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