The Flagshooter uses patented marking flags. We provide all colors of flags for all industries. Our flags are 5 inch by 6 inch flag printed with black ink. We offer pin flags as well.

Wire flags are 0.066 in diameter made with bright basic steel wire. The flag material is a long lasting low density polyethylene.

The Flagshooter Video Demonstration


Flagshooter Specs


Dry Weight:

Flag Lengths:

Flag Capacity:

Paint Capacity:

8" x 3" x 32"

3.2 lbs

23" & 33"

25 Flags at-ready

+ 50–75 extra flags in quiver

1 can of Marking Paint

Flagshooter has been proven

with these Marking Paint brands:

  • Fox Valley, Krylon, Aervoe, RustOleum, PlastiKote,
  • US Specialty Coatings, J.C. Whitlam Mfg., Seymour

*Flagshooter uses inverted Marking Paint cans

Here's how a Flagshooter can save you time, money, and energy guaranteed:

  • More tickets completed
  • 40% faster located. Reduces labor cost, Guaranteed
  • Hard & frozen ground? NO PROBLEM! You have less tools to buy & carry. Reducing input cost, Guaranteed
  • Rugged design. Long lasting so you get your moneys worth.
  • Easy to use. No extensive training, just a 5 minute video online.
  • No more bending over - safer on your back! Less work comp claims & less work missed. Return on investment, Guaranteed
  • 1 Year Warranty. If it breaks, we fix it - no cost to you.

Use & Care For Your Flagshooter

"As with the rest of the country, it has been one hot and dry summer. The ground here in Wyoming is harder than ever, and our Flagshooter is pounding in the flags just fine. No complaints. A very good product.”

MW - Gillette, WY